Single Logout with Fediz - WS-Federation
6 hours ago

By Jan Bernhardt
WS-Federation is primarily used to achieve Single Sing On (SSO). This raises the challenge how to securely logout from multiple applications once the user is done with his work. To navigate to each application previously used to hit the logout button would be quite inconvenient. Fortunately the WS-Federation standard does not only define how to do single sign on, but also how to do single logout.

In this blog I'll explain how to setup a demonstrator ...
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LDAP support in Apache Camel
2 days ago

By Colm O hEigeartaigh
Apache Camel allows you to add LDAP queries to your Camel routes via the camel-ldap and camel-spring-ldap components. The camel-ldap component allows you to perform an LDAP query using a filter as the message payload. The spring-ldap component is a wrapper for Spring LDAP, and is a bit more advanced than the camel-ldap component, in that it also supports the "bind" and "unbind" operations, in addition to "search".

I've created two test-cases that show ...
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Apache Santuario - XML Security for Java 2.0.3 and 1.5.8 released
1 week ago

By Colm O hEigeartaigh
Versions 2.0.3 and 1.5.8 of Apache Santuario - XML Security for Java have been released. Version 2.0.3 contains a critical security advisory (CVE-2014-8152) in relation to the new streaming XML Signature support introduced in version 2.0.0:
For certain XML documents, it is possible to modify the document and the streaming XML Signature verification code will not report an error when trying to validate the signature.

Please note that the "in-memory" ...
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How fast is CXF ? - Measuring CXF performance on http, https and jms
2 weeks ago

By Christian Schneider

Blog post edited by Christian Schneider

The performance numbers in this article are a bit out of date


For a more current JMS performance measurement see Revisiting JMS performance. Improvements in CXF 3.0.0.

On a 2014 system http performance should be around 10k - 20k ...

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XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES) support in Apache Camel
2 weeks ago

By Colm O hEigeartaigh
I have previously covered some XML Signature and Encryption testcases in Apache Camel. Camel 2.15 will feature some new limited support for XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) in the XML Security component. This post will briefly cover what XML Advanced Electronic Signatures are, and show how they can be produced in Camel. No support exists yet for validating XAdES Signatures in Camel. Note that as Camel 2.15 is not yet released, some of the ...
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