Apache Karaf Christmas gifts: docker.io, profiles, and decanter
5 days ago

By Jean-Baptiste Onofré
We are heading to Christmas time, and the Karaf team wanted to prepare some gifts for you Of course, we are working hard in the preparation of the new Karaf releases. A bunch of bug fixes and improvements will be available in the coming releases: Karaf 2.4.1, Karaf 3.0.3, and Karaf 4.0.0.M2. Some sub-project releases
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Understanding WS-Federation - Passive Requestor Profile
1 week ago

By Jan Bernhardt
WS-Federation  is an identity federation specification which makes it possible to setup a SSO federation including multiple security realms. A realm (sometimes also called domain) represents a single unit under security administration or a part in a trust relationship.
EntitiesWithin the WS-Federation standard the following entities are defined:
  • Relying Party (RP)
    The relying party is a resource (web application or service) which consumes security ...

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XML Security using Apache Camel
2 weeks ago

By Colm O hEigeartaigh
I have previously covered how to use Apache Santuario to sign and encrypt XML, using both the DOM and StAX based APIs available in the 2.0.x releases. An alternative to using Apache Santuario directly to sign/encrypt XML, is to use the XML Security component or data format of Apache Camel. There are two obvious reasons to use Camel that immediately spring to mind. Firstly it allows you to configure XML Signature/Encryption without writing any code ...
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Observations about ApacheCon EU 2014
3 weeks ago

By Sergey Beryozkin
You may be thinking now, after reading my previous post, that all I was doing at ApacheCon EU 2014 was looking at T-shirts people were wearing :-). This post is an attempt to convince you it was not the case.

First of all, ApacheCon EU 2014, as it is usually the case with Apache conferences, was a great opportunity to meet the fellow open source developers.
Chatting to the guys I work with at Apache CXF and other projects, sharing a joke or two along ...
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[OT] The best T-shirt I've seen at Apache Con EU 2014
3 weeks ago

By Sergey Beryozkin
This is the first post about Apache Con EU 2014 held in beautiful Budapest I've been lucky to attend to.

One of the nice things about being an ApacheCon visitor is that one can see lots of cool T-shirts. The official T-shirts (I do treasure them) and other T-shirts with some great lines or digits printed on them. The T-shirts that many software geeks would be happy to wear. And indeed the visitors at ApacheCon EU 2014 had a lot of different T-shirts ...
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